Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Field of Blue - Part 3

A couple of days ago Dave, our little guy, and I went to go visit our big guy's apartment that he shares with his wonderful girlfriend. Our big guy moved out a couple of weeks ago and this was our first trip there. The apartment is fabulous, the food we ate after seeing it was fabulous, and then some sweet awesomeness happened.

We went to a small shop downtown and they had a chest full of photo props. Well, the boys and I each put on pink bob wigs...and my, oh my, did they ever rock that look. They were downright pretty! And while they have maintained their given hair color, I, by the time I was their ages, had dyed my hair every color of the rainbow, literally. Pink being one of those colors (though I don't think that pink is officially a rainbow color).

It was nice to have a glimpse of my little apples not falling too far from their mama tree.

I finished my bluebonnet painting. It's on the abstract side and I'm happy with it. I hope Dave thinks I did his beautiful photo justice. Here's the finished painting and below are a couple of the last stages.

"Field of Blue"

I felt it absolutely, positively needed more flowers.

I added details to the flowers and darkened some of the
trees in the far background. All that was left was to
detail the grass, add some clouds and other kinds of flowers,
and paint the edges of the canvas.

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful painting! Thanks for the progression shots!

    Love your stories, too. They will make a wonderful collection for your children someday, Kali.

    1. Thank you, Chris. My kids (16 and 20) are still at the eye rolling stage when it comes to my blog, but I bet that someday they'll have a special place for it in their hearts. :-)