Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"She is Stardust" Part 3

It's finally been cold here. Pretty nice after it being near 80º last week. So what did we decide to do when it was super chilly last night? Go out for ice cream, of course. The guys went traditional, going chocolate and vanilla, but me, I went for the delicious vegan lemon coconut. Mmmmmmm!!! Anyway, while I was sitting there minding my own business whilst downing my ice cream, my little guy went hoodie digging. And since I was layered and since I love hoodies, the kid was in luck. Snip, snap...I was wearing one beanie and three hoods.


I continued working on this painting today.

I painted another layer on her face and neck.

I painted a darker layer.

I added highlights and redrew
all of her features and outlines.

I painted her irises and lips. I used
a bit of the lip color on her cheek.

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