Monday, December 28, 2015

"She is Stardust" Part 2

Animal magnetism...yeah, this girl's got it. And my powers have gotten even stronger with this cold snap. Here's how my night's sleep goes. I wake up covered in critters. Literally covered. Hazel is on my legs, Pug is on my chest, and Tommy is half on and half off of my hip. I can barely move. But I manage to wiggle free and the critters briefly stand, and as soon as I've turned onto my other side...SNAP! My animal magnetism kicks in and they're stuck on top of me again.

It's very annoying...but I love it!

I continue working on this painting. 

I used watery yellow to paint over the
background. I'm not sure if it'll stay that way,
likely not. I love layering!

I lay down a layer of skin tone on her face
and neck. I also further defined the lines
of the figure.

I lay down a darker layer on her face and
neck. I also redrew her features and
painted the whites of her eyes.
She's starting to come to life!
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  1. You're lucky to have all those sweeties keeping you warm on a cold night. Love how your painting is going!!

    1. They are such a delight! I adore my critters. And I just decided what the title will be. "She is Stardust"