Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"Side by Side" Part 10

Teenage boys have crazy huge appetites...we all know that, right? That just got verified.

Little guy after making a batch of biscuits: "Want some?"

Dave: "No, I'm full."

Little guy: "That's just not part of my vocabulary."

I believe it! And that, my friends, is why we have a Costco membership.

And I finished these paintings!!! What a delightful challenge they were!

Here they are individually and below are the last few stages before completion.

"Side by Side 1"

"Side by Side 2"

I painted over their faces because I didn't want any of the ink
to show. I could still just barely see it to use it as a bit of a guide.
I also decided that I needed to redo the buttons on his shirt
on the painting on the right.

I did a lot of work on their faces and some on their hair.

I continued working on their faces and began adding some
highlights here and there. His buttons are back, too. I added
nails to the bench boards as well.

After struggling with his left hand for the majority of this
process and never managing to get it right with the small
scale I had to work with (and likely my lack of skill),
I made the decision to let his hand just rest. Once I did
that the entire painting relaxed into being ready to be done.
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  1. The small scale rather than lack of skill probably bothered you. They are both wonderful, as usual, Kali!

    1. Oh, thank you! It's funny...I was talking with David last night. I realized that six months ago I would have looked at these paintings and been in awe of them. I guess my expectations keep going up. It's a good thing.