Friday, December 25, 2015

"We are More Alike than Different" Part 3

The past month has been filled with large and small gatherings of people I love and adore, wonderful friends and family of all ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation, gender, age. And absolutely none of that is a barrier in any way, shape, or form for how much love I have for them. We are so very much more alike than we are different.  All of us.

I finished this painting...when I gaze at it I'm filled with sadness, love, and hope.

"We are More Alike than Different"

I gave her cheeks and lips color and
a light reflection in her eyes. 

I used ink to line her eyes and eyebrows
and her pupils. Her sadness and despair
are so clearly worn on her face.

I used graphite to fill in her head covering
to make sure that I definitely wanted to
do that rather than hair. I did.

I painted a layer of brown
on the head covering.

I painted a layer of yellow
on the head covering.

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