Thursday, December 17, 2015

"With Wand" Part 2

Last night when I was walking my dog, Hazel, a fellow passed me on his bicycle, got a little bit ahead of us, and made an attempt at a jump. Well, he ended up flipping all kinds of ways, mostly sideways. He turned and looked at us right away and took a deep bow. Hazel and I caught up to him and asked if he was OK. He was fine, though perhaps a little humiliated. I told him not to sweat it and that it reminded me of the time when I tried jumping something and flipped in front of a whole crowd at the state capitol building. And I suggested that maybe he might want to start wearing a helmet. I'm such a mom nag.

I continued working on this painting. It's so fun watching her come to life.

I used a wet paintbrush to smooth out the marks.

I added some brown marks...

...and smoothed them with a wet paintbrush.

I used white acrylic to highlight parts of her
face and added some color to her lips.

I added more definition to her mouth and
painted her eyes blue. She's coming to life!
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