Monday, December 14, 2015

"Surrounded by Sparkles" Part 2

We got a new refrigerator yesterday. It turns out that when the ice cream won't stay frozen it's an emergency situation. So yesterday Dave went to get us a new one. And after taking the doors off of our old one so we could get it out of the house reinstalling the doors so we could give it away...and taking the doors off of the new one so we could get it into the house and reinstalling them once it was in was time to dash off to a party.

A couple hours later we were missing our new fridge so much that we had to head home to hang out with it.

I continued working on this little whimsical painting.

I sketched out the basic features of her face.

I gave her shoes and painted the outlines
of the features of her face.

I gave her rosy cheeks and painted her lips.

I gave her green eyes and highlights on her shoes.
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