Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"With Wand" Part 1

Elf outfit update...yes, the kid wore his elf outfit to school again today. I wish I'd been that comfortable in my skin when I was seventeen. Not that I was meek or anything. Rather than wearing a whimsical elf outfit, however, I was shaving my head, sporting combat boots, and tempting fate each day with the school dress code (I was only sent home once). A bit of a difference I suppose.

I started working on a practice piece for the class I'm taking. We're going to do several of them working on different skin tones and shadowing. This one is caucasian.

I sketched out the character. Note that my pencil
eraser is pretty much gone. The length of my pencil,
however, is still substantial. Guess this means I
make more "mistakes" than accurate marks. :-)

I used watercolor pencils to lay down some
color. I took a wet brush to the color and
evened it out. I also changed her skirt
and added a wand.

I added a layer of color with water soluble crayons.
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