Sunday, December 13, 2015

"Surrounded by Sparkles" Part 1

Had my own "cat on a hot tin roof" experience yesterday...well, maybe more like "cat on a warm steel roof". I was getting in my car to head to the gym and my goofy cat, Tommy, was lounging on top of my car. I gave him a little scratch, got in, and started backing out. When I didn't notice him jumping off by the time I got to the end of our driveway I got out to check. And there he was, still lounging. So I plucked that precious little guy off of the roof, gave him some sweet snuggles, and set him in the grass.

As I drove away I realized that I had likely just totally reinforced his "cat on a warm steel roof" behavior. Sigh.....

I started working on a tiny whimsical piece. I love using small canvases as paint palettes when I'm working on larger canvases. Then after they're thoroughly covered in paint I use them as wild and wonderful backgrounds to small paintings. That's what this is.

I sketched my figure on one of my
small palette canvases.

I painted white on the figure and some stars.

I changed my mind about the body shape
and went with a dress shape.

I began adding some color.
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