Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Side by Side" Part 9

I love accidental eavesdropping. Not that I'm a snoop or anything, but you can't knock a girl for being in the right place at the right time. I was at the gym and had gone into the group class room. There were two young fellas in there working with some dumbbells.

One guy: "I just want to be lean and muscular."

Other guy: "I just want to be hot."

I smiled to myself and silently wished them both well with their missions.

I continued working on these. I'm feeling very near the end. I've got some work to do on their faces and hands/feet, but I can see signing them in my near future. These have been so much fun!

I added a second layer of white to the marks on the back of
the bench. I began adding elements to her dress and I worked
on his shirt.

I worked on shadowing throughout, added color to her dress
and shoes, darkened the back part of the seat, and added
a deeper tone to their hair.

I added more graffiti type elements to the background,
continued adding color to her dress, decided that I needed
to rework her eye in the left painting before I paint it,
and added highlights to the hay bale.
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  1. It's been just as much fun watching these lovely twins emerge! And your sweet stories are always so welcome!!

    1. Thank you!!! It's quite an interesting challenging doing 2 at the same time.