Sunday, December 27, 2015

"She is Stardust" Part 1

I had a totally different plan for an art project today. Here's what I'd planned on doing. I'd bought a cute canvas bag and I had every intention of going all crazy and painting. After staring at it seemingly endlessly last night I decided that I'd dye it light gray and then paint it with white and black. But this morning as I was stirring it in the dye filled sink I started loving the color it was becoming. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. I fall in love with backgrounds and have the hardest time painting over them. But, hey, a gray handbag...yay! So I'll love it for a while and when it lets me know it's ready for a facelift I'll get right on it.

So for now, I started in on this painting.

I had leftover paint from painting my apron
so I used it to lay down a background.
Waste not want not, after all.

I sketched out the beginnings of a figure.

I decided that I didn't want her to have a raised
arm so I erased it. I also added hair.

I painted a layer of white where her skin is
so that I'll be able to start laying down color.
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