Friday, August 31, 2012

Straight Lines are Overrated

I mowed our lawn earlier this week. It's funny, my kid mows all our neighbors' lawns, but not ours.  Hmmmm...  Anyway, as I was mowing I'd make a pass and would admire his amazingly straight mow lines at the house across the street.  It looked like he actually measured it out and very deliberately mowed according to some mathematical formula.  I continued mowing, back and forth, back and forth, fully convinced that I was doing just as amazing a job as he had done.  I pushed, I pulled, I sweated...a lot.  And then I was done.  Yay!  I put all the equipment away and went out to admire my work.  Did my lines look straight?  Did I use higher level thinking whilst mowing?  Uh...apparently not so much.  Our lawn looked like a drunken combination of an Escher painting and a Rorschach painting.  Totally wacky.  But was anyone complaining about my work?  No way.  That'd just mean it would be their turn next time.  Right?  Right.

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