Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Hugs

I'm lucky to have pretty darn affectionate kids...particularly considering that they're teenagers and all.  We have our routines, however, around said affection.  As the evening wears on, and I'm cruising through my bedtime routine, and I'm expecting to be tucked in my my kids...hey, I did it for them for many, many years...each of the boys approach it differently.

Big guy's approach?  Well, he does his best to catch me in the hallway or some other part of the house, give me a brief but lovely hug, and say, "This is your hug for later."  Fine by me!!!

Little guy's approach?  Well, he seems to not think about it at all, but...when I text him my nightly text, "Now accepting hugs", I prepare every fiber of my being for that fourteen year old rather large kid to come running into my room, launch himself into the air, and land right on top of me, giving me a lengthy and heavy lovely hug.  Love it!!!

And then I fall asleep within about three minutes, I kid you not.


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