Sunday, January 13, 2013

These Boots were made for Slipping

Every time I go to my dad's place, and I happen to be wearing my cowboy boots, I have to ask let me hold on to them as I walk down a short, but very steep, pebble concrete slope to get to my car.  The last time I was there, this is how it went.

My little guy (the only one I was with that day) ran down said slope ahead of me and got to my car.  Before I even thought to say anything, he turned around and looked at me.

Little guy:  "Oh, good, you're not wearing your boots."  I was in my very grippy tennies.

Me:  "Aw, that was so nice that you checked.  You're looking out for me."

Little guy:  "No, it just means I'm lazy."

I'm so on to him.  He loves me!

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