Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Great Kale Debate: Part Deux

I can't believe I'm having to revisit this, but here I go.  You see, the kale harrassment has continued at the Parsons house.  If you're saying, "Huh?", read this first:  Kale Blog #1

Last weekend my little guy had a friend spend the night.  Great!!  In the morning I went to the kitchen and in the sink there was green stringy vomity slime everywhere.  Not great!!!  I leaned in, fighting all my "stay away" instincts, to get a closer look.  And, by golly, I recognized that awful mess.  Yes, I'd seen it before.  So, when the kids got up, here's how it went.

Me:  "By any chance did you play a double dog dare game of kale tasting last night?"

Little guy:  "Uh, yeah.  How did you know?"

Me:  "There was disgusting evidence all over the sink."

Little guy:  "Oh, sorry.  That was me.  I almost threw up."

Little guy's friend:  "I swallowed mine."  Hey, this could be going my way...I may have finally met another kale fan.

Me:  "Did you like it?"

Little guy's friend:  "No, it was disgusting."

Round about now, my big guy strolled out.

Me:  "So, were you part of the kale double dog dare kale tasting last night?"

Big guy:  "Yeah, I gave it to them."

OK, if you know me, you know I'm a total germaphobe and I've been thinking in the back of my head, "Who reached into my kale container and what are the chances that they've washed their hands in the past week?"

Me:  "You took it out of the container?"

Big guy:  "I washed my hands first."  My kids know me so well.

Alright, that story aside, here's the stats on the kale like/dislike poll round these parts:

Big guy:  DISLIKE
Little guy:  DISLIKE
Little guy's friend:  DISLIKE
Scout, our standard poodle:  LIKE (will do any trick to get a kale treat)
Hazel, our golden doodle:  LIKE (see above)
Pug, our tabby cat:  LIKE (was caught licking all the kale crumbs left in the container)

Go ahead, count 'em up.  Yup!  It's five to five...even Steven!

Alright, who's next?  We need a tie breaker!

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