Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So Ugly She's Cute

I often rave about our old standard poodle, Scout.  She's eleven (I think), and the sweetest dog ever.  She'd be just perfect if she didn't pee every time she slept or relaxed or barked to vigorously.  Oh, and if she didn't consider the mailman to be her arch enemy, that'd be a bonus, too.

Well, this delightful creature crossed a line lately.  That line all of us aging folks dread.  Yes, the line where you become so darn ugly you circle back 'round and become cute once again.  How did this happen?  Well, partly it's that she has a ghostly white eye due to a cataract.  Gives here a rather unusual look.  But, mostly it's my fault.  You see, the last time I gave her a hair cut I went for the intentional lazy look.  Not that she minded any short cuts on my part as getting her hair clipped has never been on her "things I like" list.

What did I do to this poor creature?  Well, it's more like what I didn't do.  I left the top of her head, her ears, and her legs up to her leg pits (such a thing?) long and furry.  What started out as a lazy, yet cute, look that had her sporting the spitting image of Olivia Newton-John getting "Physical"...yes, I had her wear a bandanna on her head, has since turned into legs-o-dreads a la woolly mammoth style and a fro that would set Don King all a quiver.

So, I suppose she's due for a clipping that would reflect her inner beauty, but for just a bit longer her style will reflect my inner laziness.

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