Friday, January 18, 2013

Feeling Wonderful, Amazing, and Fabulous!

I pretty much never, ever talk about my job on this here blog...'cept to say I love it so much and all.  Well, I just had to share this.  Seriously just one of a million reasons I do love my job so very dearly.

Me:  "So, what was wonderful and amazing and fabulous that you loved about school today?"  I ask my students this at the end of every day.

Adorable student:  "I got to stare at you all day."  He went cross-eyed.

Me:  "Is it because I'm so beautiful?"  I primped my hair with both hands.

Adorable student:  "Uh, yeah, you're cute...but really I liked the blocks."

...ah, four-year-olds...

Yup, my job rocks!!

Thanks for "liking" my blog posts!!

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