Sunday, January 20, 2013

Silence is Golden

Rather, silence is impossible.  For me, anyway.

I have this silly habit of waking up way before I need to.  Especially on weekends.  So, this morning when it happened, and as always I wasn't ready to actually commit to "getting up", I stealthfully reached for my iPhone (course it lit up bright as day when I took it off the charger) and pulled it under the covers with me.  I put it on silent mode because I've been trying to rock this quiet morning time, right?  There was a notification that Dave had played his Scrabble word and it was my turn.  Perfect!  Something to do!  I thought and thought and came up with the least lame word I could given the poor quality of my letters and clicked "play".

Well, soon as I did that I heard Dave's phone "ding" notifying him that I had played and it was now his turn.  Grrrrrrrrr!  Darn noisy notifications!  He rustled in bed, turned over, grabbed his phone to check it, and sighed.

Me:  "Sorry, Dave."

Dave:  <silence>  He's clearly better at this quiet thing than I am.

Then the dog started whining her "I gotta pee" whine.  Time to get up, I figured.  I got out of bed, careful to not yank the covers off of Dave, walked by my side of the bed, and WHAM!  I ran right into the chest that has resided at the foot of our bed for many, many years now.

Me:  "Ouch!"

Dave:  <silence>  Dang, he's good!

Now to go see if I can accidentally set off my car alarm....

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