Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Safety" and "Sex"

Sometimes those tactics you use as parents work really well...and then, after a while, their effectiveness wears off.  For example, this is what used to work:

Us:  "Clean your room."

Little guy:  "Just a sec!"

Us:  "Why are you always talking about secs?"  Yes, pronounced "sex".

And then he'd clean his room just so we'd shut up.

So, this morning:

Dave:  "Clean your room."

Little guy:  "In a minute."  Yes, the child has learned something.

Dave:  "'In a minute' means 'in a few hours' or 'tomorrow' or 'never' for you."

Little guy:  "No, I will clean my room, because I do have a friend coming over, and I can't until I clean my room."  Smart aleck.

Little guy:  ...pause...kid leans to the side..."Safety!"

OK, that may be meaningless to those of you who still have sweet little children at home, or have big ones who have already moved out, but to us that means that our kid just farted and now cannot receive any consequences as a result.  Now to work on this "safety" issue....

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