Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Morning Chats

There's a church in my neighborhood that lovingly provides a free breakfast to anyone who'd like to partake.  I've never taken them up on it, but on Sundays I do see a very small stream of people I assume are homeless making their way to and from the church.  Some, heavily laden with their backpacks and bedroll walk by, clearly on a mission.  Some walk by in pairs, chatting with their breakfast pal.  But the ones I find most captivating are those who walk alone for a few feet at a time, then stop to have a very animated chat with a character I'm not privileged enough to see, and then continue on their journey.

I'm sure that most folks who encounter them think they're crazy or mentally ill, which is likely true to some degree.  I find more peace thinking that they're enlightened, and a simple creature such as my self simply is not equipped understand.

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