Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On and On and On

I generally think of myself as being a relatively shy introvert.  This is likely pretty true except when I'm around the people I'm most comfortable with.  And that would be Dave and the boys, of course.  So, all that being cooped up in my wallflower self much of that time leaves me raring to go when I'm around them.  I seat myself on Dave's desk and ramble on and on about my day and he responds with the most interested "uh-huh"s ever.  I go into the boys room, after knocking, of course...I've learned my lesson...and sit on their bed whilst they play video games and ask them endless questions about their day and life in general.  I mean, lovely, right?

Well, the other day I went into one of my boy's room, sat down on his bed, commenced rambling, and...

"Mom, stop talking...like for a while."

So I did.  For about five seconds.  And then I figured we needed to talk about the overuse of the word "like" in his vocabulary.

Yup, some days I'm pretty popular 'round these parts.

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