Thursday, January 17, 2013

There's a Drug for That

We've lived in a "house of pee" for several years now.  Our old lady dog, Scout, has a leaking problem, you see.  Well, this weekend I heard that there's a drug for that.  Now, I'm not one to jump on drugs for any little malady or anything like that, but I tell you what...I could not get a vet appointment fast enough.  Yup.  8:30 Monday morning Dave took her in.

I'm sure this is how the conversation went.

Dave:  "Our dog has a leaking problem."

Vet:  "No problem, there's a drug for that."

Pretty much like that, at least.  Course it was just like when I go shopping for one two dollar item and leave the store with one hundred dollars worth of stuff...our dog had some sort of kidney/liver (I can never keep those straight) infection, too.  Yup, there's drugs for that, as well.

So, many hundreds of dollars later, we have the leaking drug that is supposed to "taste great" but I still have to shove down my dog's unwilling throat every night.  But...drum roll, seems to be working!!!  Not one leak in three nights!

I'm a very happy, very pro-drug girl!

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