Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bee Awesome!

So I've been sporting a fanny pack again.  I rocked one in the early 90s when I was riding my bike everywhere.  Then again during the 00s.  But that fanny pack was big and bulky.  I could fit snacks, a wallet, my chap stick, and keys in there.  It bounced.  It jiggled.  It kind of drove me nuts.

Enter new fanny pack.  Very sleek.  Extremely tiny.  And it holds only my phone and car key.  It's awesome!

Dave (holding my new fanny pack up with a puzzled look on his face):  "What's this?"

Me:  "It's my fanny pack?"

Dave:  "What could possibly fit in it?"

Me:  "My phone fits just right."

Dave:  "You should call it a phoney pack."

Yup, that's my guy!  And you can definitely count on seeing me rockin' my phoney pack!

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