Sunday, August 10, 2014

They Open and Close

Sometimes we have a crowd of teenage boys here overnight...well, often, actually.  Last night was one such night. 

Now, the last time we had a gang here they pretty much pulled an all-nighter.  That's all find, good, and fun.  Except for the fact that they all went to the bathroom over and over and over, and each time they did, they closed the door.  LOUDLY! 

Well, I'm no dummy, this time when they were all gathered in the kid's room playing video games after a raucous game of basketball, I went  in there and gave them a lesson on how to close a door silently.

And you know what?  Those boys closed the bathroom silently all night long.  They are awesome!  But what they also did was go to the kitchen over and over, and open and close the cupboard doors over and over.  LOUDLY!

I'll be preparing my new lesson plans promptly.

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