Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pure Love and Energy

I shaved our dog, Hazel, today.  She's 85 pounds of pure love and energy...and let me tell you what...85 pounds of anything makes for a lot of square inches. 

While Hazel was no fan of the process, she put up with me fairly well for the first half.  And then she was done.  Enter my little guy.  He, all 140 pounds of pure love and energy himself, was the perfect support for our pooch.  He let her sit on his lap during part of the trim, and when it was time to do the detail work of her legs he lay on the floor, his head on a towel, and snuggled in and spooned Hazel so she'd relax enough to get to the finish line. 

It was pure love and perfection.  And as my kid said, "You cut off about three smaller dogs' worth of hair!"

And so now Hazel is walking around the house, not quite 85 pounds of pure love and energy (hair does weigh something, right?), feeling quite nekkid and exposed, but quite happy nonetheless.  And I found out that when a super nekkid, happy dog wags their now bare tail it's pretty much like being whipped by, well, a whip.  I have a welt on my leg to prove it. 

Love my girl...and my awesome boy!!!

Here's another miniature painted canvas on an easel.  I adore these little things!  The canvas is 2x2.  I'll be selling it as a package with the easel.  Look for more of these sweet miniatures to come!

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