Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mystery Solved

For years and years we've had an ongoing thing about groceries we run out of.  I'd have a piece of paper on the fridge and ask everyone to just jot down if they used the last of something.  Never worked.  But now my husband has set up for all of us a list on our phones that we can all add to and the phone synchs all of the lists so whoever ends up at the store can see what we need.  It's not perfect.  The kids are only marginally better at using digital technology than they were with old school pen and paper, but it's still a major improvement.

The other day I went to the store, pulled up my handy dandy shopping list, and right there at the top was "cigars"...hmmmmmm.  Well, I wasn't about to get those, so I checked it off and kept going down the aisles picking up things I was going to get.  I got all the way to the cash register when I realized there was one more thing I wanted that somehow hadn't made it on the list.  And I could have sworn I'd put it on the list myself.  I reached up and grabbed my fig bars...and then I realized what had happened. 

When I put stuff on the shopping list I use the microphone function.  And apparently Siri thinks "fig bars" are "cigars". 

Case closed.  This mystery is officially solved.

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