Thursday, August 28, 2014

Out of Place

I woke up the other day and was absolutely convinced that we'd been robbed.  So much was out of place.  Chairs across the room from where they belong.  Coffee table near the window instead of the couch.  Couch pulled out from the wall.  Gadzooks! 

So I commenced checking on my stuff.  Laptop in its spot.  Hard drives still neatly tucked in their cubbies.  My art still in all of its artful spots.  Check, check, check!

Hmmmmmmm...what the heck happened here last night?!?!

And then I went to toss something in the trash and the mystery was solved.  Atop the myriad of nonrecyclables were the shattered remains of what must have been a large dinner plate. 

Thankful we weren't robbed.

Thankful for a kid who took the time to clean up his mess.

And thinking we need to have a talk about finishing what one that mommy doesn't get all scared and stuff.

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