Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Driven by Distraction

We seem to constantly be nagging our little guy. 

Us:  "Do your homework!"

Little guy:  "As soon as this episode is over."

Us:  "Clean your room!"

Little guy:  "After I get back from playing basketball."

Us:  "It's your turn to empty the dishwasher."

Little guy:  "I'm about to take a shower."

So today when I was driving him home from football practice and he commenced picking his toenails and pretending to flick them at me...I yelled because, well, obvious!

Me:  "Don't do that in my car!  Do it when we get home and use a toenail clipper instead of ripping them off!"

Little guy:  "Hey," he said as he continued picking at his toenails.  "At least I'm not putting off doing it."

The kid had a point...but I still told him I wasn't going to make him food for a week if he kept doing it.

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