Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mammogram Time

What does the end of summer mean?  Back to school?  Well, yes.  Cooler weather on the way?  Um, no, not for a while.  I'll just tell ya what it's mammogram time. 

And now all of a sudden I want to break out in song, M.C. Hammer style.

"Mammogram Time...Can't touch them!"

Yeah, that didn't go my way. 

But what cracks me up at these things is that I'm always asked two questions.

"Do you have implants?"  Seriously?!?!  You're looking right at me and asking that?  Um, no, obviously.


"Does this hurt?"  Seriously (again)?!?!  You're looking right at some of me being smooshed in between these plates that you're cranking down on with no possible end in sight.

All that said, I'm filled with gratitude that such procedures exist...and super happy that I don't have to do it again until next year.

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