Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Skort Love

I love skorts.  I've been a fan for a long time...even though it wasn't until my adulthood that I finally got some.  And what makes me love the so much is the "just in case" factor. 

One of my clearest memories from my childhood is when I had a Bluebird meeting at my house when I was in first or second grade.  We were all playing in my backyard on my swing set/jungle gym.  I, likely wanting to show off a bit, stood atop the structure and took a great leap.  Back then I was apt to jump off of most anything, a trait I've lost as I've aged.  Our roof was my favorite...and, by the way, holding an umbrella whilst jumping off of a one story building does not, in fact, slow you down even one little bit.  Anyway, I jumped off of the jungle gym and somehow my skirt's hem caught on a bolt.  And there I swung, back and forth, back and forth, will my ruffly panties in full view of all my friends.  Had I been wearing a skort...sigh, perhaps my life would have been totally different from then on....

Anyway, when I was in college I discovered skorts and I was officially in love.  And now, as a teacher, they're my "go to" option. 

But something happened over the weekend that full on hammered it home for me just how rockin' skorts are.  The kid and I had parked in a parking garage and were walking down an external stairway.  There was a building adjacent to the garage and the wind whipped through like some kind of crazy.  Anyway, my skirt flew all the way up and flattened itself against my stomach.  But since I had those awesome built in shorts on underneath, the day was saved.  And there were about a dozen people that saw the whole thing.

Thankfully no one, including myself, had to be traumatized by the event.  Skort love...you betcha!

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