Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sweet Nothings

Last evening I was in our chicken yard getting our chickens into their coop for the night.  And like every night, it goes like this.

"Hey, lovely ladies!  It's time for bed, beautiful girls!"  And I walked around getting Red and Fuzzy to scurry into the coop.  "OK, Piper and Phyllis, you, too, ladies."   I picked them up (because these two like to be picked up).  "All right my precious girls, it's time for bed.  I love you!!!" 

And then I hear something to my left.  And Dave was standing there watching me.  He'd clearly been there for a while and had witnessed all of my carrying on with our chickens, telling them sweet nothings, and whatnot.  Gee...

Me:  "Hey, you know you talk to them when I'm not around, too."

Dave:  "Yeah, I do."

Sweet chicken love....

I saw these tiny canvases at an art store and I could not resist!!!  The canvas is 2x2.  I'll be selling it as a package with the easel.  So cute!!!  I will definitely be painting more of these sweet little miniatures!

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