Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Got no Need for Speed

We live right near the biggest park in the city and that park is often a favorite speed trap of the local police.  I'm all for it and always make sure I'm going the correct speed which happens to be 35 mph.  Well, one day I was driving through the park...all the trees were going by my window at their normal speed, the other drivers were all driving slightly faster than I was (this happens to me a lot), but when I looked down at my speedometer I was going over 10 mph over the speed limit!  I immediately slowed down to a crawl and then everyone was passing me at an even greater rate...and I was getting some dirty looks.

And then I noticed my little guy snickering.

Me:  "What?"

Little guy:  "I changed your speedometer from miles to hour to kilometers per hour."

Me:  "Uncool, dude."

And then I sped right on up.

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