Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Black and Blue Dreams

About two weeks ago I slammed my pointer in the door.  OK, slammed is likely an exaggeration.  Firmly closed it on my finger is more accurate.  In any case, I saw some serious stars.  But what's wacky is this.  For about a microsecond I indulged in what can only be called a pity party.  But after that, I actually got excited.  Yes, excited. 

I was super excited that maybe, just maybe, I'd finally have one of those black and blue fingernail bruises that all the cool construction workers have.  Yeah, I dunno...I'm weird like that.

I watched and waited, waited and watched, and watched and waited some more all the way till the next day.  And only a faint white line appeared.  What?!?!  All that pain and all I got was a faint white line?


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