Monday, August 4, 2014

Hoooooo's There?

The fifth owl has shown up and now the painting is complete.  And I'm pretty sure these guys have some big plans up their sleeves.

Reminds me of the wide-eyed looks I got when I opened my kid's bedroom door last night.  He and several friends were all lined up on his bed, munching on popcorn, watching a "scary" movie.  And when they say a movie is scary, it's at least ten times scarier than "The Exorcist" was for me...and that was unbelievably scary!  Last night the plan was that everyone was going home after the movie to stay at their own houses.

But...when I got up this morning and peeked in his room, all of the boys were crashed out all over the place, curled up in each of their individual blankets.  Thinking that ten times scarier translated to way too scary to walk home in the dark.

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