Monday, November 30, 2015

"Side by Side" Part 8

So Dave and I are participating in an artists' market this coming weekend. (We'd love for you all to come, by the way.) I want our house to look festive, of course, so I went out to our shed in the back yard to get a few strings of lights to liven up the joint. I pulled out the box, raised the lid, and saw the most perfect rat's nest ever. It was practically cute, I swear! I raise the lid the rest of the way and the resident of that cute little nest jumped out of the box directly at me, and, well, I discovered that not only do I scream when surprised in this particular way, but I can also run like the dickens.

I went right back in the shed. I was startled, but not deterred. I took the now vacated box to our deck to inspect the contents. All of our lights had been chewed so much that they were a total loss.

Later that night...

Me: " I should put the box back in the shed so that rat will have a warm place to sleep tonight."

Dave: "No." And then he gave me a look that could only mean that the only warm place he wanted that rat to sleep tonight was in one of our cats' tummies.

I continued working on these paintings. It's down to the details and I just want to rework, rework, rework.

I continued working on details of the figures and
I added the graffiti-like art on the bench behind them.

More details on the figures.

I painted over her dress. I'm liking the one on the left more
than the one on the right. I'll probably working to make them
more similar. I also worked some on the wood of the bench,
aging it in some places and reshaping it in others.

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  1. Hahaha - great story, Kali! And your paintings are lookin' good!

    1. It was terrifying! And I love rats...just not surprise rats.