Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm going door to door!

With my kid out selling band fundraiser stuff tonight, I'm reminded of the pure awfulness of doing that myself. I dreaded fundraiser season, and, back then, parents would just let you go everywhere...alone...in the dark...talking to strangers...inside their homes...oh,my. The fundraiser I remember most was the year we sold LPs. The Moody Blues and Led Zeppelin were a big sellers that year. So was The Alan Parsons Project (unfortunately no relation, but I was sure asked that a lot around that time). I bought myself a Shawn Cassidy album, of course. It came with a FABULOUS poster in it that I tacked to my wall, and yes, ladies, he did watch my every move, eyes following me everywhere. Pure, sweet awesomeness. Jealous much?

My kid is the opposite of me when it comes to these things. He's out selling with gusto, confidence still brimming over from his VERY successful ACL lemonade stand. I keep closing my eyes and thinking of him as the big headed door-to-door salesman from Pee Wee Herman..."I'm going door to door...." You go, little dude!

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