Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paranoid? Maybe...

Walking around my "go to" craft store today, got a couple of new pens (two of mine have actually gone dry...personally I find it VERY exciting that I've used that much ink!), and some paper of different sizes, grabbed a new paintbrush, too. I decided to cruise around the store to look for something fun to photograph that I could work into a painting someday. I snap a few pics and then there's an announcement on the PA, one of those weird code things that only employees know the meaning of. Me? I snap to "Lady on aisle 12 is illegally taking photos of store products." I slip my phone back into my purse and slowly work my way up to the front of the store, sure that I'm being followed. I dodge around making strange paths in attempt to throw them off of my trail. I get to the front and I'm standing at the register sure I got away with something...whew! Then the manager walks up behind the person checking out my stuff and just stands there. Frack! My heart starts beating at a quicker pace. I do my best fun, casual conversation with a stranger routine. She rings all my stuff up and gives me the total. The manager slinked away, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I started to scan my debit card and the checker said, "Wait!" Oh, no! She pulled the pens I had purchased and looked at the weekly flier, "I don't really think these are the ones on sale, but I'm going to give you the price break anyway." Huh? Yay! I left happy, happy, happy.

P.S. I'm absolutely positive that I've got at least 12 warrants out for my arrest and that I'm currently breaking about 25 traffic laws every time a police car happens to be behind me when I'm driving. This in spite of the fact that I totally drive like a little old granny. Ay yi yi...

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  1. To quote Steve Jobs at the 2005 Stanford University commencement speech, "stay hungry, stay foolish"! I kind of like that -- don't worry about getting "caught"! LOL