Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We were driving home tonight after a middle school football game and we passed the Alamo Drafthouse...TONS of cars lining the street.

"Must be an Alamo thing," I say.

"I remember!" pipes up Dave, (pause) "...the Alamo...."  Get it?

Collective groan.  We drive home the rest of the way in silence until we're at our driveway.

"You're lucky you get to appreciate my sense of humor," he says, beaming with pride.

"Hmmmmm," I think.  Well, I suppose so.  But mostly I'm lucky I get to married to a guy who has developed a relationship with the squirrel who lives in our Red Oak tree.  He's even named the cute little guy "Skippy".  Dave sits outside and hangs out with Skippy.  He makes sure Skippy has plenty of water.  Skippy and Dave get each other and have bonded in a way only a man and a squirrel can...I don't really understand.

One day I saw Skippy flopped over a branch, totally limp, I thought he was dead.  Oh, no!  I tip-toed closer and closer and suddenly he looked up at me and scurried off.  Scared the heck out of me.  That little dude sure knows how to relax.    

Here's to Skippy and all those other squirrels who totally get the fine art of chilling out.

This is the cool little squirrel who hangs out at the school where I work.  
Caught him lounging on the brick wall by the library a few days ago.

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