Thursday, September 29, 2011

Moments of Peace

I got to ride my bike in the rain tonight.  It was perfection.  It was the beginning of one of those moments that always draw my attention.  You know, those moments where you feel totally at peace.  No concerns, yeah, just me, my awesome one-speed cruiser, and the rain.  I got home, my kid was WAY excited to see me, ran over and picked me up...because he can.  Carried me to the kitchen with an enthusiastic request for Frito Pie, and gently put me down in my "work spot".  How could I refuse?  I got at least 3 hugs during the process and then he complimented me the best way he can...with a huge fart that was, in his words, "AWESOME!"  Ya know, I can absolutely welcome "awesome" farts into my peaceful moments.  Smile.

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