Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So misunderstood...

I was reminded today about one of my parents favorite stories of me as a kiddo.  They still bring it up, time to time, when it applies to whatever situation we're experiencing.

As a little one, till the age of about five, I was pretty much a perfect angel.  At about five-and-a-half things changed.  I absolutely, positively started rebelling.  Forget the need for teenage hormones, this girl was ready.  We'd be having it out and things would escalate, and I'd be saying, over and over, "I'm not in my head, I'm not in my head!"  This went on for many, many months...my parents wondered if perhaps I was intuitive about my mental state and that I was not, in fact, "in my head"...they  considered contacting doctors...they definitely decided that I surely needed therapy.  My frustration rose as did their confusion and helplessness.  Until one day, I let them know (quite loudly, I'm sure) that they were NOT listening to me.  I slowly nodded my head while I enunciated each syllable, "I'm nod-ding my head!!!!"  "Oh," I'm sure they thought, "Kali was agreeing with us."

Yeesh!  :-)

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