Saturday, September 3, 2011


One of my life-long favorite words and concepts.  I even love the sound of it as it rolls off my tongue.  And gosh, when it brings up that tension level that is oh-so-satisfying, it's pure know, once I get over being annoyed by it.  I've forever applied the concept to things, but I'm realizing lately that it seriously applies to the people in my life as well.  We are all so incredibly similar in oh so many ways and also so gosh darn different in others.  And here we all are, positioned side-by-side in this world.  So, maybe, just maybe, as we head in to the sometimes (always?) ugly campaign season, we can embrace the idea that we're simply juxtaposed, find a way to bliss out on the tension that really just shows that we're lucky to not all be the same, and see some some sort of beauty in it all.

I have a dear friend that is the queen of juxtaposing.  She has created a place of such extraordinary beauty and magic and everywhere I look I think, "Whoda thunk that would've gone together to create such loveliness?!?!"  Love the pure bliss of Casa Wonderlandia!

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