Friday, September 23, 2011

Pointless, you say, eh?

My husband and I decided we were going out to eat tonight. Invited both kiddos and received resounding rejections from both. Then, after realizing he'd be making his own dinner, one kid decided to go. So, I make the poor kiddo waaaaaiiiit while I brush my teeth.

"What are you doing, mom?" (exasperated tone)

"I'm brushing my teeth." (obvious...I was talking to him as my electric toothbrush madly whirred)

"That's pointless mom!"  (leaning against the bathroom door frame)

"Huh?"  (swish...spit)

"Why would you brush your teeth when you're about to eat?!?!"

"Because I just ate prunes and I could feel some between my teeth." (yes, secret's out...I eat, and actually love, prunes)

"That's like washing your hair right before you stick your head in mud." (SIGH!) "That's stupid AND pointless."

Ah, well.... (insert image of me smiling really big here and one of my front teeth sparkling)

Almost everything has a point.

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