Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Ghoulish Critters

Our lovely pets are quite a sight today.  Quite ghoulish, actually.  Our dog, Scout, has been wearing one of Dave's tie-dye T-shirts for over a week, held tight at her waist with one of my hairbands looping around a knot.  Under the shirt she's shaved, sliced, stapled and stitched, but no longer lumpy. She handily avoided the cone of shame by leaving the five surgery sites alone.  I did put the cone out on the counter for a while so she'd know we meant business.  Our cat, Pug, has a shaved spot on the back of his neck where an abscess ruptured this morning with a ghastly smell of death.  I thought he surely had gangrene, but he'll be fine.  Both his ears were nicked as well.  The vet declared that he was definitely the winner in the fight...silver lining, I have a bad ass cat!  Pug says, "You should've seen the other guy!"  So, $900 spent on a dog and cat within a week-and-a-half gets you two critters fit for the most frightening of haunted houses.  Too bad it's a month early....

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