Friday, September 16, 2011


I know I've brought up Wonderlandia before...the pure magic, loveliness, and bliss of it washes over anyone who is lucky enough to visit.  Yes, there are many "things" around Wonderlandia that make you smile, think, and, of course, wonder, but it's the spirit of Wonderlandia that brings together my heart, mind, and soul to a feeling of such bliss.  My dear friend (who would probably kick me in the shin for mentioning her name) has bit by bit, inch by inch, lovingly orchestrated its creation.  She wants no credit.  Her greatest pleasure is listening quietly as a child, filled with wonder, finds a fairy door with fairy dust sprinkled all around so you know for sure that the fairies have just been there and they barely missed them, or a parent of a toddler walks by and points to the trees above that sparkle so saying that there's magic above.  I'm in awe of my friend and so, so, so lucky to have her in my life...all of our lives!  Love you, Lady!

One square foot of Wonderlandia


  1. All those fairies are passing this link around tonight. Don't be surprised if you find some fairy dust outside your door soon!

  2. Nice tribute to a really nice lady!