Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ah, Pavlov...Perhaps

I vaguely remember studying Pavlov in high school and know, about 25 years ago-ish.  I remember something about dogs slobbering being associated with different stimuli.  I think, anyway.  So, I'm wondering if my old girl, Scout, is having a Pavlovian response.  To me!  For a week now I've been calling her to me in the morning and evening so I could open her huge mouth full of very sharp teeth, and risk my writing and drawing hand by shoving a large antibiotic horse pill down her throat.  Let me preface this by saying that I tried hiding said horse pill in a huge variety of foods and every time she managed to eat the yummy food and avoid the nasty pill.  So, shoving it down her throat is the only option I have left.  Please know that I go through all this because I love her dearly.  Back to my story...after doing this twice a day for several days her behavior changed.  I'd call her name, she'd run away instead of toward me, I'd approach her and she'd dry heave and hock up something highly undesirable.  Perhaps she knew what I was up to and had a conscious avoidance plan.  Or...was it an involuntary Pavlovian response.  You tell me.  Either way, my old girl is finding out that being nasty does not get her out of it.

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