Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Kiddo Bonus

You know when your kid is in the early elementary school grades, and you're waiting outside their classroom at the end of the day, and you're sizing up all the other moms and dads because you know, you KNOW your kiddo is going to end up spending time at some of their homes, and you're making your own decisions about which of the kids you're going to end up encouraging your kid to hang out with just because you think their parent(s) are uber interesting/creative/cool/awesome?  OK, let me take a deep breath, that sentence was WAY to long.  Whew!  Well, I do!  And, let me tell you, I nailed it!  With both of my children I went through this informal filtering process and I tell you what, I have two groups of parent friends that so totally rock.  Tonight I had the absolute pleasure of hanging with three of my little guy's friends' moms (we met about 8 years ago).  I felt surrounded by passion, empathy, brilliance, breath-taking beauty, self-reflection, and such a sense of "real" that we 40+ year old broads are getting a solid hang of.  I'm so very glad I had children for so, so many reasons, but these friendships are super high among them.  Thanks, kiddos!

Here we are, lovely ladies...
hanging out at our round table, sipping our bevs.  Love!

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