Saturday, February 11, 2012

Completing each other?

After being together for 22 years now, Dave and I know each other so well that we totally finish each other's sentences, all the freakin' time.  One of us can start talking and the other one, more often than not, pipes up and completes the thought.  This is so amazing, so romantic, and so lovely that it leaves only the tiniest space open for improvement...yes, if only we were able to actually complete the other's sentence the direction they were going that would, indeed, be an improvement.  Yeah, that's so not what we do.  I'd like to think I'm more accurate that Dave is, after all I've had years of practice interpreting his "thingymadoodle", "whatsit", and "shizzynizzle" usage.  I actually go for accuracy, missing most of the time, but Dave considers it an opportunity to be creative (annoying?  inappropriate?  set ups for "that's what she said"?).  Yup, we complete each other...there's no doubt.

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