Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ain't Life Grand

Driving in the car today with my little guy.  I'm rambling on as I do when we're together.  I start reflecting on just how very lucky we are. 

Me:  "We have a life full of love and beauty."

Little guy:  "Uh huh."

Me:  "You get to go hang out with grandpa and shoot rockets."

Little guy:  "Uh huh."

Me:  "I get to paint every day."

Little guy:  "Uh huh."

Me:  "Gosh, we are so lucky!"

Little guy:  "Uh huh."

Me:  "I'm so happy."

Little guy:  "That's enough of that," as he reaches for the radio knob.  "Boom...boom...boom"

Me:  "We're so lucky we even get to listen to hip-hop."

Little guy:  Eyes roll.

Yeah, he heard me.  He knows his life is pretty darn grand.  And, gosh, I actually got five sentences out before I lost him.  Seriously a new record.

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