Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Silence is Deafening

Oh, no...say it ain't so...I think I'm getting sick!  What am I doing to fight this, you ask?  Drinking hot tea, going to go to bed early, and most importantly, stopping talking because every utterance imposes such agony on my throat that I consider screaming.  Except I won't because I'm not talking and screaming is a form of talking, right?  This is a vicious circle I don't want to partake in.  So as I sit her pondering the arrangements for my personal pity party, I'm finding myself thinking that my family is TOTALLY going to dig this.  No mom nags, zip, nada!  I can just imagine their smiling faces.  Awesome because as you know, I do so love to make my family happy.  I really, really do!  You don't believe me, but seriously, really, I do!

My little guy drew a lovely red flower when he was in elementary school.
We had it printed on coasters and we love them!
This is my version of that lovely red flower of his.

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