Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, my Lovely Friend

On May 23, 2005, a most amazing creature entered my life.  I have her son to thank for finally bringing us together...I'm not one to give much thought to destiny, but this lovely lady and I had led parallel lives for many, many years, and it was simply nutty that we hadn't connected before.  I was her kiddo's teacher for two amazing years and during that time I fell for her in that "We must be friends" kind of way.  As I try to maintain some professionalism in my job as a teacher, I held those feelings at bay...until the day after I was, sadly (because you see, her kiddo totally rocks and I love him!), no longer her kiddo's teacher.  And, yes, you guessed it, I was at her house the following day, shoes off, hangin' out, and sipping coffee from one of her lovely mugs.  Friendship on, lady, you're stuck with me! 

For four-and-a-half years now she's been my dear friend, my confidante, my fashion consultant (I seriously needed help...these days, after several years of training, I can almost shop by myself without making bad decisions), my playmate, my cheerleader, my inspiration, and someone I know, without fail, has my back.  She's shown me that magic is alive and well in this world of ours...she has connections, you know...and she shares with a generous heart of gold (I'm betting it's made of gold fairy dust).

I love you, my dear friend.  My life and all those whose lives you touch are so much more vibrant and delicious because of your presence.  Here is my flower for you on this day we celebrate the wonder that you are.  Big hugs, darlin'!

For Suvi


  1. What a beautiful cyber flower for Suvi. I am a new friend--and fell for her in much the same way. Suvi, has magic, in her smile, in her shoes, in her being. Happy Suvi day to all!

  2. My goodness, y'all! I'm speechless! xoxo Suvi